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Welcome to Our Creative Hub of Curiosity and Innovation! 
At Discovering42, we’re not just building a connected community; we’re cultivating a movement that propels us away from consumerism and passive engagement, steering us towards hands-on exploration, a DIY ethos, and the thrill of experimentation. Through the fusion of art, sustainability, science we aim to unleash the potential for impactful shifts in perspective.
Workshops and Clubs:
Delve into experiences ranging from unraveling everyday curiosities to launching more ambitious projects. Our workshops and clubs are designed to encourage active participation because we believe in doing it ourselves, understanding how things work, and embracing the transformative power of experimentation.
Age Recommendations:
Tailored to diverse age groups, our workshops provide engaging experiences. Some sessions may pose challenges requiring patience and problem-solving, parents are encouraged to stay and collaborate in the learning process.
Can Cafe
Recharge in our cozy café, offering a delightful array of drinks, including our Curious Cocktails. Feel free to bring a snack, and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of our community.

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Motorised Art


Motorised artwork

Love art and want to try something a little different? Join us for a girls only creative evening, where we will learn how to wire up electrical components to make an awesome spinning artwork. Let's get cosy and have some fun together...Magic Mocktail anyone? FREE! Funded by Software Cornwall's Festival of Tech.

Veg Piano


Build a Veg Piano

Ready to rock a different kind of keyboard? We will chuck together timers, capacitors, and resistor to build musical circuits that are controlled by vegetables. No prior knowledge is needed! FREE! Funded by Software Cornwall's Festival of Tech.

Touch Of light


Make your own touch lamp

Need more light this winter? Join us for a creative evening where we will re-imagine waste objects into a funky desk light including making a touch switch from scratch to turn it on! Funded by Software Cornwall's Festival of Tech.

Robot Pet


Robot Pet

We will be exploring the world of robotics, learning how to solder and harvest parts from old electrical equipment to make our very own robot pets. Funded by Software Cornwall's Festival of Tech.

Printing Sound


Make an exhibit

Have you ever noticed the sound a printer motor makes? Well, what if we hacked a bunch of electrical items that make these noises to make a one-of-a-kind instrument? In this session, you will be cutting/glueing/drilling, and wiring up a section of the instrument and at the end of the session we will bring all the bits together to hear its unusual sci-fi sound. Funded by Software Cornwall's Festival of Tech.



Coding Club

Come have fun and learn some coding with a BBC Microbit we take on interesting challenges. For our first project, we're coding and building an electronic ‘sampler’ instrument – a hands-on and creative journey into the world of coding!

The Rebels Club

8-18yrs +


Join a community of Rebels, as we embark on a journey of discovery and transformation. Moving away from passivity and consumerism, armed with power tools and committed to pushing boundaries and making a difference. Together, we'll deconstruct and piece together a new way of engaging with our planet, unraveling the mysteries of physics along the way. Delve into a multitude of projects, from electrifying electronics to mesmerizing smoke rings and captivating macro photography.

Little Rebels Club


Bi-weekly Physics club

Join a community of little Rebels, as we go through a variety of projects that push boundaries of what you would expect in a workshop. Unravelling the mysteries of how things work to problem-solve our projects. Each week with be something new from automata to launching rockets and lighting light bulbs.

Eco Art Club

All Ages

First Friday Monthly

Let's get together, get cosy with a hot drink, and get experimenting with the endless possibilities of eco art.

Eco Art Sessions


Last Thursday Monthly

Let's get together, get cosy with a hot drink (mulled apple juice, anyone?) and see what emerges when we start our art with sustainability in mind.

Nature Journalling


Monday Weekly

A good way to set aside time to reconnect with ourselves through nature. Cosy space with mulled apple juice, friendly faces and a view across Priory Park. These sessions are inspired with prompts by Hannah Bevan from Journal for Joy.


Narisa Hall/Old Band Stand, in Priory Park

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We are in priory park in a cream, glass-fronted hall, across the lawn from the pond. We have coloured bike wheel windmills out the front.


Don’t follow your satnav. Parking at Priory Car Park, PL31 2DE. 


Bodmin Parkway station then catch a bus.


2min walk from Mount Folly or Lidl stops


Camel Trail to Bodmin + 7min cycle.


Make a day of it, we are very close to lovely cafes, charity shops, Priory playpark, intoBodmin, Bodmin & Wenford Steam Railway, Bodmin Jail, Shire Hall Courtroom Experience,  Bodmin Beacon, Town Museum, Military Museum, St Petroc’s Church (the largest church in Cornwall!), Lanhydrock and Pencarrow House & Gardens.

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