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Discovering42 CIC formed in September 2020 and since then it has snowballed in to a growing network of scientists, artists, collaborators, funders, sponsors and partners as we embark on our mission to set up the first art, science and sustainability center in Cornwall.

We desperately need to foster a generation that is both inspired by the beauty of natural world and has the skill sets to problem-solve the issue of a sustainable humanity on Earth. Discovering42 is a project that seeks to address these issues.  Using immersive art in the form of interactive sculpture and installations, Discovering42 will engage adults and children alike in the workings of the Universe and Humanity’s place within it.


Discovering42 is the result of different experiences, ideas and people coming together.

For Natalia and Roy, you could say that it started from a free trampoline. They wanted to have it in thier front garden and let local kids also use it (health and safety got in the way of that one). It got them thinking about other skills and experiences they could share; photography, sewing, sailing, pottery, art, cooking…as they thought more about their interests and what was needed in their community, they realised that there is a lack of enriching indoor spaces for families in North Cornwall. Having a family with two young kids who struggle to spend long outdoors when it is wet and windy, they knew first hand how challenging it is to not have somewhere inspiring to go. There is no dedicated science museum and very few child-friendly arts venues in North Cornwall.  These informal learning spaces are key spaces to spark curiosty in our children and ourselves. 

Science wasn’t something that they would normally gravitate towards. Both Natalia and Roy don’t have a strong background in science, however that perspective is useful when trying to ensure that the exhibition would be able to draw in people that would usually feel science isnt for them.

“It was after playing with our kids magnets and electronic kits that we started to connect with how interesting and fun science can be, especially when it explains things in our everyday lives or upturns what we think we know. ” -Roy Jones

“We are both very creative and often making things from a milk packet raincoat to garden furniture out of a tree root. It feels empowering to see potential in unlikely places and build our ability to transform it. It felt very natural to  do something along these lines.” -Natalia Jones


Natalia’s university dissertation on the effects of recycled art on  behaviour sparked the idea to use art as the method to reach people.

As they thought more about how to create a science and art center, it became clear that it needed to be environmentally responsible in how exhibits were created. 

It was decided that exhibits would be made utilising discarded materials after drawing on Natalia’s experience of creating The Redistribution Project, which mobilised students to collect vast quantities of unwanted belongings that were cleaned, stored and sold on to new students the following year to close the loop. They managed to salvage 16tonnes of belongings that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

“We liked the idea that when we see everyday objects used for a different purpose or see how something is made, it sparks curiosity and an awareness of potential around us. We were also interested to see the stories and conversations that would emerge from materials that we would find for each exhibit.”-Natalia Jones



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We are a registered not for profit Comunitiy Interest Company (CIC). Company Number: 12901297